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Author R.K. Ryals

Sharing the love of reading one book at a time ...

Coming Soon

(release dates will not be posted until there is a firm date announced or pre-order links are live as these are subject to change)

Retaliation Bridge (A Legend series standalone)

Cover not yet available

The Mysterious Pathway (A Legend series standalone)

The Mysterious Pathway

Cover design by Eden Crane Design

Releasing in 2015


In Mississippi, there's a path, a trail of legend. It's a path forged by ghosts, treasure, witches, outlaws, and living history ...

"I am what life has made me—the crazy one, the wild girl with hair tangled by the wind. Seen walking often along the path, I travel it because it allows me to pass unimpeded, On this path, I am not big or small, I am not pretty or plain, I am not quiet or loud, I do not judge and am not judged. I am not blind. I am strong, I am different, and I am free."

19 year-old Laney Reynolds has become a living legend. The daughter of a famous fortune teller, she was born not only with her mother's ability, but blind. People come from far and wide to hear their fortunes. To escape the public, Laney has gone into hiding in the small home left to her by her grandmother in Natchez, MS.

21 year-old Jenson Mason is troubled. A Derrick-hand in the oil field with a family to support, there's no time in his life for affection. But that was before...

Secrets of the Hearth (Spices of Guarda series book 1)

Secrets of the Hearth (The Spices of Guarda series book 1)

Cover Design by Regina Wamba of Mae I Design

Releasing in 2015


“In spice there is death, reason, and life.”

Seventeen year-old Lavender Golding lives in the chaotic spice markets of Guarda, her fingers forever stained from her work in the Duke of Caraway’s kitchens. As an indentured servant paying off her noble father’s debt, she wants nothing more than to be free, to go in search of a family secret her mother entrusted her with as a child. For there is one thing Lavender has always been good at … spice.

In the dense jungle nation of Yorbrook, a sickness grows. It is driving its people mad. It eats away at the flesh until there is nothing left of the victim but a pile of ash. Yorbrook’s king has become desperate, his family placed in hiding. There is talk of a cure in the mountains of Guarda. For the plague that racks Yorbrook is no ordinary plague.

Arawn is a jungle mercenary knighted by the king and sent across the Raging Sea to Guarda. The plague ravages Yorbrook, but will the cure be worth the fight? For in the mountains of Guarda lies a sleeping monster …

An Introvert's Tale (An Embrace Yourself series standalone)

Cover not yet available